Gears of War Ultimate Edition Details Leaked Through Official Website

It seems as if the Xbox exclusive, Gears of War series, is making a comeback on the Xbox One according to the Russian version of the Gears of War website. The leak translated by Google Translate shows several new features like game types/modes and improvements across the board. The game according to the leak is set to release on August 25 2015 on Xbox One

Fans of the series are in for a treat as the game has several refinements and tweaks here and there that add to the audio and graphic quality of the game. Multiplayer game-play will be running at a smooth 60FPS by harnessing the power of the Xbox One and the use of dedicated online servers hence improving the overall experience. The audio enhancement will enable richer sound as the game is adapted for Dolby 7.1 Surround.


The leak means that Gears of War developer, The Coalition, is busy at making this remaster. We are likely to see an announcement for the game at Microsoft’s E3 conference on 15 June 2015. We look forward to seeing Gears of War on Xbox One.

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