Genshin Impact: What is Realm Currency & how to get it

Genshin Impact’s latest 1.5 update has introduced a brand new currency called the Realm Currency, read on to find out what it is and how to get it. The latest update introduces a couple of things with one of the major ones being a housing system, something fans have been demanding for a while. The system works through the Serenitea Pot, accessing which allows you to enter your house and start personalizing. This is where the Realm Currency comes in play as the housing items can only be purchased using the aforementioned currency.

Genshin Impact heavily features gacha mechanics, like, however the Realm Currency luckily can be farmed without using money. Currently the only way to get Realm Currency is by collecting it from the Jar of Riches, found inside the Serenitea Pot. Inside the pot, start by talking to Tubby and choosing the Trust Rank option, there you’ll be able to see how much Realm Currency you’ve collected so far.

The thing with Realm Currency is like money in real life, the more money you have have the easier it is to make money. So basically to increase the rate of Realm Currency that you earn, you have to create and place furnishing in your housing. The rarer and valuable the furniture in your housing is, the more Realm Currency your Jar of Riches will produce.

As mentioned earlier rarer and valuable items will increase the yield in your Jar of Riches but apparently pet items tend to be most lucrative in increasing your Realm Currency earn rates.

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