Get Coloured Xbox One Controllers From SharQ Controllers With Added Benefits

So you got your Xbox One and are pretty satisfied with it? Your only gripe is that you could’ve been presented with an option to choose your own colour at least for the controller to personalize it according to your taste? Well fret no more, SharQ Controllers, famous for their custom work on Xbox 360 controllers have now made their services available for the Xbox One controllers as well. However the controllers retail for £99.98 each. You can get a sweet 5% discount exclusively by us if you provide the promo code: “GearNuke” without the quotations. When you complete the details using PayPal, you will be redirected to the site where you can enter shipping information and the promo code.

colorful xbox oneNot only that but SharQ Controllers also provide options such as Trigger Stops. What are Trigger Stops? Read what SharQ Controllers have said:

TRIGGERSTOPS – These circular metal screws that are placed on the end of the triggers stop the trigger at the minimum length required for the gun to fire (adjustable with the STS). What does this mean? It means faster shooting, as you don’t have to push the trigger all the way in, and it means you can trigger finger at a faster pace, since the trigger does not have to go all the way in and out between each shot.

Check out more features of SharQ Controllers here.

What do you think about SharQ Controllers? Have you ever used them? Let us know in the comments below.


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