Get free Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse via Timespace Delivery

Even though Dragon Balls aren’t hard to grind out in Dragon Ball Xenoverse but still developers Dimps have decided to give away a full set to everyone playing the game. Dimps will be giving them away via Timespace Delivery located in the main area of Toki-Toki City.

The Four Star Dragon Ball can be picked up from the Timespace Delivery right now by just talking to the robot there. The rest of the set will be given away at the dates below using the same method:

March 20th – Two-star Dragon Ball, Five-star Dragon Ball
March 27th – Three-star Dragon Ball
April 3rd – Six-star Dragon Ball
April 10th – Seven-star Dragon Ball
April 17th – One-star Dragon Ball


A full set of Dragon Balls can be used to summon Shenron who will grant you a single wish from a set of choices. Choices include the likes of additional characters, new skills, clothes, money and level ups.

Do note that you won’t be able to accept the gifts if you have the same Dragon Ball in your inventory. Also to get these gifts you first need to complete Return of the Saiyans Saga in the campaign.

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