Can’t get past your Windows user login screen? Here is your fix

Your computer booted up perfectly yesterday and you were able to complete an abounding number of tasks without even experiencing a hint of problem. Well, today is another beautiful day for you to open the lid of your laptop and get your day started with you conquering your work load once more when….wait. You keep entering your username and password credentials correctly but you keep getting that dreaded error given below. Incessantly punching your keyboard and filling in the required fields constantly will not help you get any closer to your Windows desktop. However, following this tutorial on how to fix the issue will definitely help you get past this issue. Let us begin.

How to get past the Windows user login screen?

This issue is normally caused due to corrupt user profiles and can become a frustrating problem for thousands of users. There are two ways in which in you can bypass the corrupt user file issue. They are as follows:

  1. Creating another administrator username
  2. Entering your Windows Registry and making the necessary changes to the registry

We recommend following the first way since it is the easiest and the least time consuming process. The second process is a contingency plan if the first process is not able to help you solve the problem. Naturally, highlighting the necessary steps in the first process will be detailed first.

Read on for the full tutorial.

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