Getting banned blocks all licensed Xbox One games

The impression given by a recent message on Xbox Supports twitter is that if your account is banned for whatever reason then all of your Xbox One games, even ones bought at retail, go with it.

Of course what leads to this impression is the reveal that even disc based copies of games are now attached to your account. With this retail copy now being attached and the large restrictions placed on used games, once your account has been banned then it is quite possible, probable even, that you wont be able to dip into the banned account and remove the licenses attached to it.

With digital copies this is reasonable anyway. Your account holds the access to the digital license of the game. Once that account is banned then of course your license will be unreachable. The implication that your retail copy, one where you still have the disc, will be unreachable is foreign on the console and downright atrocious. It really feels like Microsoft are intentionally attacking and/or insulting the customer now.

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In one regard I live with a threat like that on the PC with my Steam account, or at least I did. Now the rules are that being banned on steam wont prevent you from accessing your old games which is only reasonable. Not that I ever intend on being banned. Even EA on their Origin system no longer block your old games.

Maybe this all ends up being a simple misunderstanding but since the Xbox 360 policy is to block all licenses on the account then I can’t see this changing. The difference here is that the licenses have been transferred from a disc to your account and possibly can’t be transferred back.

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