Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Version 1.24 Is Live [Patch Notes TU16]

Ubisoft has released a brand new update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands today for the PC, PS4, Xbox One. This update is part of the year 2 content updates that were planned for the game.

The size of the patch will be 3 GB on Steam, 17.3 GB on Uplay, 15.9 GB on Xbox One, and 18.4 GB on PS4, It is available to download now on all platforms.

You can view the full set of patch notes below.

Mood Matchmaking

You can now customize your co-op experience: join up with other Ghosts ready to take on the same objectives by selecting your Mood in public matchmaking for PvE.

Mood Options for Main Game:

  • – Main Story Missions
  • – Rebel Ops and Convoys
  • – Open World Exploration
  • – Special Missions
  • – Tier 1 Progression
  • – No Preference


New weekly challenges await you in this update, as do the rewards that come with completing them.

Year 2 Season Pass Update

Based on the community feedback around the Year 2 Pass, we have included the Operator Pack for free for all Pass holders. The Operator Pack contains one weapon for PvE and two cosmetic customization items (t-shirt and vest) that can be used in PvP or PvE.

Each future title update of Year 2 will also include an item pack for Year 2 Pass owners. We’ll update you with more specifics on the contents of each pack closer to their release.

Store Updates

Battle Crates

Spec Ops and Ghost War Battle Crates have 45+ new customization options for your Ghost.

Icon Skins

We’ve added more Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege Operators to our current list of icons: Smoke, Sledge, Thatcher, and Mira. These icons are only available through Battle Crates.


The Relentless Fight Pack includes two new weapons, one top, and one vest.

Ubisoft Club Rewards

Unlock new rewards for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands by using your Ubisoft Club Units.


Dusting Off Hands Emote: 20 Units


Ghost War Booster: 10 Units

A Ghost War Booster is available for 10 Units for players who did not participate in the Ghost War Beta or for those who participated in the Beta but did not claim their rewards at that time.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


– Fixed a bug where some attachments would appear as locked to players, even though they were previously unlocked.

– Fixed a bug where the player would encounter a New Campaign entry in the main menu instead of Continue Campaign.

– Fixed a bug where the player would fall through the ground at some spots on the map.

– Fixed a bug where the NVG animation caused a desynchronization issue between players in co-op when triggered inside a vehicle.

– Fixed an issue where a player’s bindings would be replaced by the default options.

– Fixed a bug with the Ubisoft Club Action Armory where the player did not receive the Action despite meeting the requirements.

– Fixed a bug where player-deployed Santa Blanca and Unidad vehicles triggered players’ proximity mines.

– Fixed a bug where the player would not be revived by their AI teammates if they died during a sync shot.

– Fixed a bug where players would instantly die when jumping from helicopters.

– When falling through the map, the player will now be respawned to the closest point instead of dying.

– Improved the behavior of SAM missile launchers: missiles are now easier to dodge and vehicles from the same faction as the SAM launchers are now harder to detect.

Operation Watchman:

– Fixed a bug where Sam Fisher would call Nomad every time the player Fast Travels.

– Fixed a lip-sync bug on Nomad during the Operation Watchman dialogues.

– Fixed a bug in Splinter Cell mission where the player would sometimes receive a “Target is too far” message when approaching the Unidad base from the west side.

Operation Archangel:

– Fixed a lip-sync bug that occurred during Caveira’s introduction scene.

– Fixed a bug where the Defend the Camp mission sometimes did not update on replay.

– Fixed a bug where Dengoso would spawn in the Institute before talking to Caveira, allowing the player to lead him out of the building and preventing them from completing the mission.

– Fixed a bug where the quest log would not update after investigating Dengoso’s apartment.

– Fixed a bug where the objective marker, Find Twitch, would be misplaced on the map.

– Fixed several bugs where Valkyrie dialogues would repeat without reason during Operation Archangel.

– Fixed a bug where Santa Blanca soldiers would spawn in the camp the player needs to defend after a reboot.

– Fixed a bug where Twitch would skip her investigation and break the mission if the player collected all the clues in the apartment before the mission was activated in co-op.

– Fixed a bug where killing Dengoso before reaching the Free Dengoso step would not fail the mission, blocking the player from finishing it.

– Improved Twitch’s and Caveira’s weapon holding while altered or in combat.

– Fixed a bug where the mission briefing would not update when reaching the Lead Twitch to Chemical Institute step.

– Fixed a bug where Twitch’s equipment would float after destroying her table.

– Fixed a collision bug on the side door of the truck the player has to investigate.

– Fixed a bug where breakable doors in the Chemical Institute would sometimes disappear in front of the player.

Ghost Mode:

– Fixed a bug that locked the Ghost Mode rewards (parts of the Exoskeleton Outfit) after the player died, even if the challenge was marked as complete.

– Fixed a bug in Ghost Mode where the player would receive their Prestige Credits for completing a region only after a restart and not immediately.

– Fixed an issue where the incorrect Weaver texture was shown after creating a new game file upon last death.

– Fixed an issue where AI Teammates wielded an identical weapon.

– Players can no longer use their Resources Packs and Skill Points Packs in Ghost Mode. They can activate Boosters, but will get a pop-up warning that they will lose the benefits of the Booster if they die.

Items, Weapons, & Icons:

– Fixed the reticule when zooming in the RUS Red Dot and G33 scope.

– Fixed a bug on the Peacemaker iron sight that was misaligned.

– Increased the range of Caveira’s CQC reveal effect.

– Fixed several clipping issues on Icons.

– Improved the quality of some camo for a more realistic look.

– Fixed a color option issue on the Exoskeleton Spine.

– Added sounds to Emotes for both PvP and PvE.

Battle Crates:

– Players can now skip the Battle Crates opening animation.


– Changed the name of the Splinter Cell Costume from “Splinter Cell Equipment” to “Splinter Cell Costume” to avoid confusion with the Splinter Cell Equipment Pack.


All Platforms:

– Fixed an issue with the Daily Challenges progress bar not working.

– Fixed an issue where the player could attach a C4 to drones.

– Fixed an issue where the Trapper’s PSG1 Mercenary sniper lacked the proper sound effects when shot.

– Fixed an issue on the Factory map where the user could remain stuck between some props near the center of the map.

– Fixed an issue for the “Out of Range” message, which was triggered when trying to mark an enemy at 300 m instead of 250 m away.

– Fixed an issue for the MPX, which had the Stock Muzzle twice on the Weapon Edit page.

– Fixed an issue where the Matchmaking and Social tabs would turn blank when cycling through them during the Setting Up Match phase.

– Fixed an issue where some users who rejoined a match when the rest of the players reached the Victory Pose screen would have a black loading screen.

– Fixed an issue with the Toxic Weapon Pack remaining locked on the progression tab after being bought from the Prestige Store.

– Fixed an issue where the Toxic’s ability visually persisted without doing any damage after the Toxic Player left the session.

– Fixed an issue where the Trapper’s PSG1 was missing the preview for the Rail Cover on the Weapon Edit page.

– Fixed an issue where the icon for Toxic’s P45T pistol was missing from the kill log.

– Fixed an issue where a player could use the primary weapon after performing an Emote while the HVT was grabbed.

– Fixed an issue where the revive icon for a downed player killed by the Severe Wounds effect would not appear purple for the Observer.

– Fixed an issue where the host could invite multiple players into the Observer slot if they sent all the invites before the slot was filled.

– Fixed an issue where the Observer would still have the Tab to switch channels functionality when using Text Chat.

– Fixed an issue where the in-game menu description regarding the Double XP event was incorrect.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was developed and published by Ubisoft.

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