Ginger: Beyond The Crystal Out Now On PS4, Xbox One and PC

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC through digital stores. Though the game was initially expected to release in August, but the publishers delayed it.

The game will also be available as a boxed retail version from October 28 onwards, through selected retailers for PS4 only. This box edition includes a coloring book, poster and stickers.


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal has been developed by Drakhar Studios and published by BadLand Games. This game is a 3D adventure simulation, telling the story of Ginger, a survivor of a horrible crystal explosion that has caused massive destruction. Now Ginger has to restore peace in the land by getting rid of the mysterious threat. He has to rescue his people and help them rebuild their homes.

Playing as Ginger, you have to travel through the crystal in order to repopulate three worlds. There are 15 levels of adventures full of puzzles and enemies, plus a further 15 hidden bonus stages to add to the mystery. There are hundreds of secrets to be found in these destroyed worlds.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is available on PC for $11.99, which is a 20% discount on the original price for week 1. The digital version for PS4 and Xbox One costs $19.99, while the box edition will cost $24.99, once it is out.


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