God of War Had A Freaky Enemy Design That Was Cut, Concept Art For Hidden Realm Shared

God of War is out now for a while and now that the game’s release is behind them, the artists that have worked on God of War are sharing their concept art and work that they have done for the game on Artstation. It is highly recommended to check them out since their work is simply jaw-dropping gorgeous.

While the whole concept art is worth seeing out at Artstation, there is some interesting content mixed in with them, particularly for stuff that might be cut from the game. One is a completely new enemy design called the Drummer, which was shared by Arda Koyuncu, a senior character artist at Sony Santa Monica.

Another interesting concept that we weren’t able to see it in the game was for Vanaheim. It was shared by Mark Castanon, an artist at Sony Santa Monica Studio. Fans of the game might remember visiting this realm but it was not possible to actually play it as a normal realm.

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The concept art of the Vanaheim realm gives us an idea of the vision that the developers had for this realm. It can be seen, albeit merely as a window dressing, but the concept art will show a much clear picture of how it is supposed to look in the game.

God of War director Cory Barlog has already said that they don’t have any interest in releasing post-launch DLC for the game so it is unlikely that any of the realms that were available but not selectable is released later as DLC.

God of War is available now for the PS4. It was developed by SonySanta Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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