God of War Director’s New Game Will Surpass His Magnum Opus, Teases Warcraft Movie Director

God of War director Cory Barlog is working on something much bigger than his previous project, and it might surpass his magnum opus. This is according to Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft and Moon.

God of War is one of the highest rated PS4 exclusives of all time, and it was directed by Cory Barlog. It was an extremely risky project because of the changes that the director wanted to make to the traditional God of War formula, but it worked brilliantly and led to the creation of a game that received universal critical acclaim.

Now that God of War has finished production and Sony Santa Monica has started to hire for a new game that seems to hint at a sequel to God of War, and why it wouldn’t, the story already ended on a cliffhanger.

Duncan Jones, who is known for his work on movies like Moon and Warcraft recently met with Cory Barlog and shared an interesting tweet that teased the next project of Cory Barlog.

The second tweet is interesting because it teases the next project of Cory Barlog. We know that he is still working at Sony Santa Monica Studios, and they are hiring for a new game. It is possible that he is also handling the sequel for God of War even though he wants to work on a new IP. It won’t be hard to surpass the first God of War with a sequel since the story is already heading in an interesting direction. In any case, we can’t wait to find out about it.

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