God of War PS4 Guide: All Idunn Apples Locations And Rune Chest Solutions

God of War will offer plenty of collectibles. Health upgrades will make a return and this time they are tied to collecting a specific set of apples called Idunn Apples. There are a grand total of 9 Idunn apples that can be found in the game. They are well hidden on the world map and to get them, you will have to open the rune chest by solving their puzzles. Getting all of the apples will reward you with Idunn’s Orchard trophy. In case you are stuck with a specific rune chest puzzle, this guide should help you get all of them.

How To Get All Idunn Apples and Get Idunn’s Orchard Trophy

To get Idunn Apples, you will need to find the glowing blue rune chests that will be locked until you break 3 runes located near them. They can be sometime tricky to find and often they will be tied to some puzzle which makes it extra difficult to figure out.

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Iduun Apple #1 – Location > Wildwoods

The very first apple will be hard to miss since it is tied to the story. It can be found in the Wildwoods near the home of Kratos. The runes can be easily located since they are in the same room next to the chest. Just look at all corners of the room to see them and since they are glowing blue, it will be easier to spot them.

Idunn Apple #2 – Location > River Pass

The second Idunn Apple is in the River Pass. The chest can be easily seen as you are making your way through the cave and the first rune is easily spotted behind it. The second one is found on a cliff top of a rock near the bridge. The last one can be found by crossing the wooden bridge and then shooting the chain to lower it. You will see the rune in the distance which can be accessed by after crossing it and shooting through a hole.

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Idunn Apple #3 – Location > River Pass East

After the fight with the troll Brenna Daudi, explore a little to the north to find this Idunn Apple chest. The runes can all be located near the chest with the first one directly behind it followed by the second one on a nearby cliff. The last one will be on the side of a rib cage.  The tricky part here is to hit them in quick succession so that you can unlock the chest and get the Idunn Apple.

Idunn Apple #4 – Location > Lake of The Nine

Once you encounter Jormungandr in the Lake of The Nine, make sure to head to the first ship dock that you can spot in the distance. The Idunn Apple is easy to get here because the puzzle is simple. You just need to throw the axe on the rotating crank and then quickly shoot the 3 runes that are trapped in the spikes before the crank shifts back to its default position.

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Idunn Apple #5 – Location > Lake of The Nine North West

This one can be found at the Forgotten Caverns, northwest of the Lake of Nine. You can access it through a ship dock and find the rune chest there.The runes are all located at the same place and are hanging on a pillar. You will have to shoot them from different directions in order to rotate the pillar which can move clockwise or counter clockwise.

Idunn Apple #6 – Location > Alfheim

The sixth Idunn Apple can be found in Alfheim. Once you get to Tyr’s Bridge and have to get the Ringed Temple, make sure to take a detour and explore around to find a place where you can dock the ship. Once there, you get to sanctuary for the white elves that has a garden with the chest. The runes are all hidden here in the bells that surround the chest. The bells need to be located and then hit fast in time to unlock the chest. Try hitting the found on the doorway, the second one from the right of the entrance, and the last one is found diagonally left from the chest.

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Idunn Apple #7 – Location > Alfheim Ringed Temple Trench

Once you are inside the ringed temple trench and heading to the ring of light, you will fight the first set of flying dark elves and after the fight is done, you can find a gear that can be pushed to lower the platform. The chest is directly front of the gear while the runes can be located by turning it to a certain point and then using the axe freeze move to stop the gear in place. The first time make sure that you push it all the way and then stop to find the rune behind you. The second time, push it just for the middle level and then stop it to find the two runes next to each other on each side of the level.

Idunn Apple #8 – Location > Mountain

The 8th apple is in the Mountain. It is on the way to the drawbridge. The first rune can be find by going back from the bridge to find a shrine behind a blockage. The second one is on the right of the drawbridge on a ledge once you cross it. The last one is near the gear that can be used to raise the bridge. Freeze the wheel once raising it to find the last rune on the right.

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Idunn Apple #9 – Location > Lake of the Nine Light Elf Outpost

Once the water recedes after story progress, you can find a new Island to visit in the Lake of the Nine. You will have to fight a troll as soon as you land but once you are free, you can find a glowing rock blocked by boards that can be destroyed. The chest with the apple is revealed behind it.The first rune can be easily spotted near it while the second one is near a crack that can help you reach the top floor. The last rune is on a pillar once you reach the top floor.

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