God Of War Guide: How To Complete Prove Your Valour Quest, Find All Valkyrie Helmets

There are some optional boss fights in the game that might not be related to the story but can give you some great gear and loot once you complete them. You can try to reach the max level weapon for Kratos which can be done at end-game or attempt one of the hardest boss fight in the game in the form of Valkyrie Queen.

Complete Prove Your Valour Quest And Get All Valkyrie Helmets

There will be a total of 8 Valkyrie bosses that you can fight in the game. The best time to fight them is once you are done with the main quest although you can also tackle these fights after gaining access to the magic chisel and unlocking hidden chambers.

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The Valkyrie boss fights will be marked on your world map once you complete the main story quest making it easier for you to find them, but in case you want to challenge them to a fight before the end game, here are the locations of each Valkyrie.

  • River Pass
  • Foothills
  • The Mountain
  • Thamur’s Corpse
  • Alfheim
  • Helheim
  • Muspelheim
  • Nilfheim

For more detailed guide on their location of the hidden chambers, you can read our guide for them.

As for the fight with Valkyrie, it can be pretty tough so only attempt it once you get the second weapon, Blades of Chaos. This will help you kick off the fight with Spartan Rage. If you haven’t done it yet, try to max out the Health and Rage meter and get the best armor and accessories that you can find. It is also important to utilize the light and heavy runic attacks that can help you dish out a large amount of damage to the enemy. Lastly, if you are struggling with the fights, there is always the option to switch to a lower difficulty setting just to pass it.

Once you have fought and defeated all 8 of them, you will get Valkyrie Helmets that need to be taken to a special location called the ‘High Council’ and out them all on the chairs next to each stone pillar. Once you have placed all 8 helmets, you will get to fight the hardest boss in the game: Valkyrie Queen.

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How To Access Valkyrie High Council Location

Once you have made Lake of the Nine drop further in water, find the Mason’s Chanel dock. Head to the north, west of the giant rowboats to get there. Find a cave where you will need to climb to the top to get access to a giant wooden door. This will lead to the Valkyrie High Council which is a part of the Valkyrie Helmets quest.

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