God Of War Boss Fight Guide: How To Defeat The Stranger

Stranger will be the first ever boss fight in God of War PS4 and it teases what to expect from this fantastic game. Even though the game presents you multiple difficulty options, it is recommend to start with the Normal or High difficulty settings in order to get the best out of the game.

How To Defeat The Stranger In God of War

This fight will have multiple phases. The first two phases will be a complete fist fight where you won’t be able to use the Axe for Kratos. This leads to relying on the punches and kicks while using Shield to avoid getting damaged from his attacks. In the first two phases, The Stranger won’t pose much of a threat if you time your parry with his attacks. Just press the shield button as soon as you see him attack in order to get a parry and the chance to land a full combo on him. Repeat this step for the first two phases to get to the last part of the fight.

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The last phase of the fight can be seen in the video below. The Stranger gets some new attacks during this phase and can be lightning fast with his attacks but if you try the parry move along with the timed dodges, he should go down in no time. Once you manage to land a parry attack, follow it up with a heavy attack that knocks The Stranger into air leaving him open to a set of combos that does a large amount of damage.

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As a boss fight, The Stranger is not that difficult but it gives you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming boss fights. If you are still stuck, try to lower the difficulty setting through the options menu.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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