God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Unlock All Hidden Chambers, Location And Reward

God of War has plenty of optional content for you to tackle once you are done with the main story quest. The game basically opens up as you progress further in the story and after gaining some new abilities, it will be possible for you to explore more of the locations that you have already visited.

Hidden Chambers are locked in the start of the game. You will discover them during your journey but it won’t be possible to unlock them until later in the story.

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How To Unlock All Hidden Chambers

All of the seven Hidden Chambers can be easily unlocked with Magical Chisel. This special item is not optional so you will get it once you pass a certain point in the story. I won’t really bother with spoiling it since the item is giving at a major plot point during the game so once you have it in hand, you will need to go back and attempt the hidden chambers that are scattered throughout the game.

Location Of All Hidden Chambers And Their Reward

Hidden Chamber #1 – Midgard > Wildwoods

You will come across the first hidden chamber right in the prologue. It can be found in the Wildwoods near Kratos’ house. You will likely remember it from the start of the game since it is possible to access it. It can be found behind the house where you can follow a set of ladders. Go to this path to get the Hidden Chamber.

Reward: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Realm Tears Event, Pure Essence of Realms, Dust of Realms, Legendary Enchantment (Heart of Svartalfheim), A Thief’s Testimony Lore Scroll.

Hidden Chamber #2 – Midgard > Foothills

This second chamber is found right in the area where you meet Sindri, the second blacksmith in the game. It will be before the climb to the mountain once you come across a fork in the path with two different poisonous totems blocking them, go to the one with the witch enemy and you will find the Hidden Chamber at the end of a cave.

Reward: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven and boss fight with Valkyrie Geirdriful.

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Hidden Chamber #3 – Alfheim > Light Elf Shore

Before getting into the ringed temple, you can explore around the map to find the Light Elf Shore. This hidden chamber is located right near the beginning of the location where you dock your boat. It can be found in one of the two caves near the entrance.

Reward: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven, and boss fight with Valkyrie Olrun.

Hidden Chamber #4 – Midgard > The Mountain

Once you are in the mountain and reached the location where crane can take Kratos and his son Atreus to the top, you can find a path to the right near the entrance door. Foolow it to get to the next Hidden Chamber.

Reward: Mythic Gateway, Chests, and boss fight with Valkyrie Eir.

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Hidden Chamber #5 – Midgard > Witch’s Cave

You will be here in the start of the game and it is easy to notice that there is plenty to do here. Once you return back for the second time, you will have the power to get the light bridge activated. As you reach the Witch’s house, turn right and go down the path. Use the light bridge power to pass through it and you will notice a runic chest followed by a wooden path leading to a hidden room. There are other secrets hidden here but once you clear the room, you will discover the next hidden chamber.

Reward: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven, and boss fight with Valkyrie Kara.

Hidden Chamber #6 – Midgard > Thamur’s Corpse

Once you reach the northern portion of Midgard and finally see the snow, head to the north boat docking point. The hidden chamber is near to the dock left of the giant’s fingers. Since you will reach this point in the story after getting the Magical Chisel, it might be the first time you will unlock a hidden chamber.

Reward: Shrine Door, Mystic Gateway, Chests, and boss fight with Valkyrie Gunnr.

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Hidden Chamber #7 – Hellheim

This hidden chamber needs access to Atreus so you will have to return back to the location. Once you have Atreus back, use him to shoot down the red crystal that will unlock the entrance to the last hidden chamber.

Reward: Odin’s Raven, Mystic Gateway, Chests, and boss fight with Valkyrie Rota.

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