God Of War Is The Best Reviewed Original PS4 Game Of All Time

God of War PS4 reviews have been out for a few days now and the critical reception is more than amazing for this new gameplay reboot of Kratos. God of War was developed under Cory Barlog, who has previously worked on God of War 2 and this new entry in the series targeted a different mythology and featured a complete revamp of the gameplay loop that is different from the series’ tradition.

God Of War PS4 Review: Get All The Scores Here

While the game won’t be out until April 20th, critics have already played it and shared their reviews online giving it a mighty score of 95 on Opencritic and the same on Metacritic. This makes it one of the best rated PS4 game that is not a re-release like Grand Theft Auto V.

God of War has surpassed The Last of Us Remastered, which was another re-release of game that received critical acclaim on the PS3. This means that if we just count original games, God of War is easily the highest rated among all the PS4 releases so far. It is also the best rated God of War game in the series surpassing the critical score for God of War 1.

God of War PS4 Can Take 25 To 35 Hours To Complete, Says Game Director

God of War PS4 will be released on April 20th. It was developed by Sony Santa Monica studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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