God of War’s Last Hidden Secret Has Finally Been Found – Spoilers

God of War fans were let on a wild goose chase recently when the game director Cory Barlog mentioned that there is still a secret in the game that hasn’t been located by anyone so far. This secret was hidden in Kratos’ house. There was a lot of speculation regarding the nature of this secret and what it actually did in the game, and it has finally been uncovered.

GodofWarSecrets is a subreddit that is entirely dedicated to figuring out the last secret that was still hidden in the game. The users of this subreddit worked hard to crack the final piece of code and have figured out the location of this secret, which is more of an easter egg that is a major story spoiler as well. It was confirmed to be the final secret by Senior Concept Artist, Joe Kennedy in a tweet.

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In another response to a fan, Joe stressed that this was indeed the final secret or easter egg that was put in the game. There might be more little easter eggs that are put by some of the environment artists but it wouldn’t be a part of the story.

“Nope. Or at least none that I’m aware of. It’s possible an environment artist hide something without telling people, but that wouldn’t be part of the story then. ”

If you haven’t finished God of War, it is best to avoid spoiling the story with this easter egg reveal, however, if you have already finished it, the images that can be seen above confirm the identity of one of the major characters. The runes can be seen along with a map showing the location for them.

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This secret is actually the identity of Atreus in the form of his name, which is written on runes. These runes spell out Loki, which is the true identity of Kratos’ son. This is revealed at the end of the game if you pay attention to the runes that foreshadow the future including the birth of the world serpent, who is actually Loki’s son.

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This confirms that Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother Faye knew that his son would become a powerful Norse God. The senior concept artist also uses hashtag #FayeKnew to confirm this theory.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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