God Of War PS4 Has Sold Through 5 Million Copies Within A Month

God of War PS4 has surpassed even the wildest expectations of Sony and it is currently on pace to not only be the fastest selling PS4 exclusive first party game, it might also end up as the best selling exclusive at this rate.

God of War was released to a lot of hype and critical acclaim. It was predicted to be the best selling PS4 exclusive in its debut week and it managed to smash the sales record by selling 3.1 million copies in just 3 days. This has now been followed by another update by PlayStation’s CEO, John Kodera, who recently confirmed in an investor’s meeting that the game has sold through 5 million copies worldwide within a month of its launch.

This is an incredible milestone for the God of War series which was successful on its own, but it never managed to reach the same height as the Uncharted series. The best selling God of War game before the release of the PS4 reboot was God of War 3. Judging from the sales success of God of War PS4, it can rival the big names like Uncharted 4.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has enjoyed considerable amount of success this generation with many of their first party games selling well. Horizon Zero Dawn sold through 7.5 million copies in its first year. Uncharted 4 sold through 8.7 million copies during similar time frame. God of War has already surpassed 5 million sold so it remains to be seen what kind of milestone it will achieve within its first year.

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