God of War PS4 Boss Fight Guide: How To Beat Dark Elf Svartaljqfurr

God of War will offer a variety of different boss fights. Some of them can be truly epic while others are more grounded and require you to utilize the skills and weapons arsenal of Kratos in order to beat them. Once you get to Alfheim and restore the light to the Ringed Temple, you will have to fight the Dark Elf boss Svartaljqfurr on your way out of the temple.

This is a tough fight because of the agility and flying ability of the Dark Elf that makes it harder to attack him. He also has some fast attacks and projectiles that can inflict dark status on your character leading to a restricted vision in an already dark environment.

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How To Fight Dark Elf Svartaljqfurr

The Dark Elf fight begins with a Quick Time Event but the combat starts automatically. This can be a tough fight if you still haven’t managed to master the dodge and parry moves. If you have the Talisman with upgrades that can slowdown time as you dodge, it can help greatly in this battle. Aside from that, you should also learn the attack pattern of Dark Elf boss and make sure to parry once you see him charging in the start of the fight.

The Dark Elf has pretty much the same move sets for the most of the fight but he switches it up to a more agressive pattern as his health is down to just 20%. He will do a charged aerial attack and throw out more projectile bombs that can inflict dark status on Kratos. It can be a chaotic battle near the end but if you keep your defense up and dodge his strikes, he should go down easily. Make sure to use Atreus’ bow attacks to figure out his location if you are inflicted with the dark status.

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