God of War PS4 Boss Fight Guide: How To Beat Mountain Dragon Hraezlyr

God of War keeps the series tradition of large scale boss fights. After a huge trek through the mountains to reach its summit, Kratos and his son Atreus will be attacked by the Thunder Dragon Hraezylr. This is a challenging fight if you don’t figure out a way to take down the dragon since you won’t be able to use your Axe throws to damage him.

The fight begins with a simple quick time event and it is mostly cinematic until Kratos almost gets eaten by the Dragon and has to slash his way out of the Dragon’s mouth. Once you are out in the open ground, the proper battle will kick off with the Dragon Hraezlyr.

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How To Fight Mountain Dragon Hraezlyr

This will be your first Dragon fight in the game and as such, it will feel overwhelming at first. During this fight, take note of the glowing bombs that can be picked up from the side of the arena. These have to be picked up and thrown at the Dragon once you see him charging for his Lightning breath attack. Time your throw with the Lightning charge in order to damage the Dragon. Once he takes some damage, the Dragon will revert to physical attacks and can slash from his claws or send a shockwave that can damage Kratos. You can use the shield to block Shockwave and dodge the Claws with a timed roll.

To get the Dragon to start his Lightning attack again, you will need to keep slashing at his claws once you get an opportunity for it. The best attack to use here is the sprint for both the light and heavy attack. It will let you chain into a combo that should deal a good amount of damage to the Dragon. Once he has taken enough damage, he will go back to his Lightning attack again and you will have to repeat the bomb attacks until you get the prompt to use Atreus which will end the battle.

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