God Of War PS4 Controller Layout Revealed

God of War will be out today. It is one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive this year. The game was developed by Cory Barlog who has previously worked on God of War 2.

God of War features a relatively simple controller setup. The complexity of the combat relies more on the Axe that you can throw and summon at any given point during battle. It makes the combat a lot more dynamic and if you had parry and blocking into the mix along with dodge rolls, the combat feels a lot more alive.

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God of War PS4 Controller Layout

If you are curious to see how the controller layout looks like in God of War PS4, you can see it in the image below taken directly from the game.

The main attacks can be simply executed with the two should triggers. R1 executes a light attack while R2 execute a heavy attack that can also launch and juggle enemies. You can press L2 to target specific parts of the enemy and either throw Axe at them or tell Atreus to perform specific actions like throwing arrows.

Running can be done with the L3 button while it is highly recommended to lock-on to enemies especially in 1 vs. 1 boss fights like The Stranger. The game also features a quick turn if you want to be more agile during some of the more chaotic fights.

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If you haven’t managed to keep with the game’s launch, you can read out some of the reviews, check out the performance mode on the PS4 Pro and learn more about day one update.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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