God Of War PS4 Guide: All Horn Of Blood Mead Locations To Upgrade Rage Meter

Rage meter is pretty small in the start of God of War but thankfully it can be upgraded just like your health. There are a total of 9 Horn of Blood Mead that can be found hidden in God of War and finding all of them should give a substantial boost to your rage meter letting you keep in Spartan Rage for a long duration of time.

Just like it was the case with Idunn Apples, these collectibles are locked by certain runes and they will need to found and destroyed before you can unlock the chest containing Horn of Blood Mead.

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How To Find All Horn Of Blood Mead And Upgrade Rage Meter

  • Horn Of Blood Mead #1 – River Pass
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #2 – Veithurgard
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #3 – Foothills
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #4 – Alfheim
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #5 – Alfheim Lake of Light
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #6 – Fafnir’s Storeroom
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #7 – The Mountain
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #8 – Witch’s Cave
  • Horn Of Blood Mead #9 – Cliffs of the Raven
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As for the solutions to each Rune Chest puzzles, we are still working on it so in the meanwhile, you can read the Idunn Apples locations and rune chest solutions guide.

God of War PS4 is available now and it was developed Sony Santa Monica Studio. The game is being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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