God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Easily Earn Hacksilver For Crafting And Upgrades

Hacksilver is one of the most valuable currency in the game since it will allow you to not only craft new type of armor, but also upgrade the existing ones. It is also extremely hard to get in the game unless you go through some trouble of finding collectibles or extra pieces of armor that can be sold to the blacksmith.

How To Easily Farm Hacksilver In God Of War

You can earn Hacksilver in the game by killing enemies or finding the hidden treasure chests, but it will still be a pretty paltry amount compared to what is usually required for crafting or upgrades. If you have the essential materials for crafting, chances are that you will run out of hacksilver before you can complete all the upgrades.

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The trick to keeping a good supply of Hacksilver is to sell any loot that you pick in the game. If you come across a new armor set that has inferior stats compared to your current equipment, there is no use to keep it around. It is a lot better to sell them in such cases. The items that can be sold to the blacksmith usually offer rewards like Hacksilver or extra upgrade items.

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Make sure to search every nook and cranny for Hacksilver and after killing enemies, grab the glowing loot that they leave behind in order to get the hacksilver reward. It is easy to miss them when exploring so keep an eye out for such glowing loot during your journey. Another and the most important collectibles are the artifacts. You can find them in each region and while they are limited, they fetch quite a high price for the blacksmith.

Some of them can easily get you as high as 1000 hacksilver per piece. Selling them has no penalty and they will still count towards the required goal for a particular region.

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If you are afraid of selling an equipment by accident, it is possible to buy them back from the blacksmith using the same price for which you sold them. It is a good move by the developers to ensure that the player doesn’t accidentally sell a piece of armor with upgrades that they have spent good chunk of hacksilver.

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God of War is available now for the PS4. It was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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