God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Earn XP, Level Up Leviathan Axe And Learn Skills

God of War PS4 has completely revamped the level up and progression system that is traditionally expected from the series. You now earn experience points by fulfilling certain conditions and can even level up your Leviathan Axe. In addition to this, new skills can be learned by utilizing experience points.

There are a couple of different way that will let you earn experience points. You can follow this guide to learn more about them.

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How To Earn Experience Points In God of War

Just like it is the case with an RPG, God of War will reward you with experience points once you defeat an enemy. The issue is that the points that are usually rewarded this way are pretty minor so they won’t do much. The best way to earn points is to progress through the main story and complete certain objectives. Once you fulfill the story objectives, you will be rewarded with a good chunk of experience points that are going to come handy when it comes to upgrading Kratos or his son Atreus.

How To Upgrade Leviathan Axe In God of War

Leviathan Axe upgrades usually increase your stats in God of War. The other way to do so is by crafting a new armor or updating your existing ones. Both will require you a good chunk of Hacksilver currency so if you are in need for some, read our guide covering them. As for the upgrades for Leviathan Axe, they will need a specific type of loot that can only be collected once your complete certain story objectives. The upgrade can be done through blacksmith which you can find at many points across the world map.

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How To Learn New Skills In God of War

Learning skills will be a little tricky since they will need experience points. There is no easy way to farm experience points in God of War but there is honestly no need to do so as well. To learn the skills, first you will be required to upgrade your Leviathan Axe and then concentrate only on the skills that you absolutely need since the experience points are crucial throughout the course of the game. Learning skills that gives you an easier time with managing health and defense is essential in the beginning since you are weaker.

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The skills that you can learn range from the melee attacks, shield based strikes, Atreus related specific abilities and the Leviathan Axe upgrades. More of them get unlocked once you reach a certain point in the story.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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