God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Increase Stats, Find All Yggdrasil’s Dew

God of War is part action game and part RPG. There are various customization options available for the player to utilize for Kratos and Atreus. Along with learning new skills, you can also craft new type of armor sets or upgrade them and this is the only way somewhat to have an affect on the stats for Kratos and his son Atreus.

Yggdrasil’s dew are items that can be located in the game and using them is beneficial in that sense that they will increase a stat permanently depending on the type of Yggdrasil’s dew. There are a couple of them that can be located in the game.

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How To Find All Yggdrasil’s Dew In God Of War

Most of the Yggdrasil’s dew can be located around Midgard as you search the Lake in your boat. You will find the very first one in Alfheim as you can shoot it with your axe. It is easily located with its glowing light as it hangs fro a tree or branch. Once you cut it and the items drops in water, you can then hover on it using the boat to grab it. The first Yggdrasil’s dew is for the Cooldown stat. The second Yggdrasil’s dew for cooldown can be found at northeastern side of the island with the Light Elf Outpost.

You can get a dew of strength in Midgard once you reach Lake of the Nine. Once the water point lowers, you can gonext to Alfheim Tower and find it near the oarmen statues. There is another Yggdrasil’s dew for strength at the Cliffs of The Raven. It can be located by heading to the South Western side of the Lake. The last one can be found in the Niflheim tower under the Broken Ship that is in pieces. It will be visible once the water recedes a little more.

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To get the Yggdrasil’s dew for Vitality stat, you will head to the Isle of Death. The first dew can be located on a rock to the southeast of the island. The second dew is a little further away on the West of the Island. You can spot it on a cliff and have to shoot it to get it down.

The first of the Yggdrasil’s dew for luck can be found at Stonefalls giant gates, near Buri’s Storeroom. Another luck dew can be found north of the Forgotten cavern. There is a cave there that is easy to spot due to its unique formation and the dew is hanging inside.

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To get your first Yggdrasil’s dew for defense, you will have to get to the south of the boat dock in Muspelheim Tower. The second Yggdrasil’s dew for defense can be found in the same cave as the second Yggdrasil’s dew of luck as described above. It is to the north of the Forgotten cavern.

The only Yggdrasil’s dew for runic stat can be found near the Iron Cove. It is on the South Western side of the Lake of the Nine.

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