God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Unlock Fast Travel

God of War is not exactly an open world game but there will come a point in the story where you will have to backtrack to a location that you have already visited in the past. This requires you to walk all the way to that location or alternatively you can just unlock the fast travel for them in order to reach them easily.

God of War can feel like a metroidvania games in term of exploration. There are times when you will notice a blocked path or hidden area that can’t be accessed no matter what. You will learn new abilities later in the game that can be used to reach these impossible to access locations. It is possible to backtrack all the way to the beginning of the game which is actually a pretty amazing design from the developers.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In God Of War

Fast Travel is initially locked in the start but you will unlock it as soon as you return from the Mountain to meet the Blacksmith Brok for the second time. He will tell you about the Fast Travel feature that can be done through the Mystic Gates.

It will be first available just in the Temple of the Tyr but as you progress further in the story, you can unlock proper fast travel between the different realms in God of War.

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To fast travel to your destination, you will have to activate and enter the mystic gates and then select your destination, which is the next mystic gate. The game will then showcase you travelling through a strange realm and make sure that you stick to your path since if you try to take some alternative, it is possible to die here.

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There is plenty more to complete in God of War including Hidden Chambers, optional boss fights and upgrading Health with Idunn Apples or Rage with Horn of Blood Mead.

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