God Of War PS4 Guide: How To Unlock And Use Pre-Order And Deluxe Bonus Items

There are certain pre-order bonus and deluxe edition items that can be unlocked in God of War but they won’t be available to use right from the get go. This design decision likely relates to the game balance because perhaps the developers don’t want the players to feel overpowered as they start the game.

The pre-order bonus items or the deluxe edition content was mostly related to Shields and it appears that they don’t really have much of an effect in term of usefulness. There is also a certain armor set that can be obtained through the Deluxe edition and again this can’t be accessed until you pass a certain point in the story.

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How To Unlock And Use Pre-Order And Deluxe Bonus Items

According to reports by many of the God of War players, the items are not available to use in the beginning. You will need to play through the entire prologue and pass a good chunk of the game leading all the to the mountain before you can access them. Once you reach the second Blacksmith Sindri, it is possible to find the pre-order and deluxe edition bonus in your inventory. If you can’t find them and have a retail disc, make sure that you have entered and download the bonus DLC for your copy from the PlayStation Store before you can find them in the game.

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