God Of War PS4 Review: Get All The Scores Here

God of War PS4 won’t be out until April 20th but Sony was confident enough in the game to give it an early embargo. The reviews are slowly starting to drop on the major critic websites and you can most of them in this article.

God of War appears to have fared rather well with critics and currently averages at around 94 score on the Metacritic reviews aggregate and 95 on the Opencritic reviews aggregate.

God of War PS4 Review Scores

OpenCritic – 95 Average

Metacritic – 94 Average

  • Polygon – 10
  • Press Start AU – 9
  • IGN – 10
  • GamesBeat – 9
  • GameSpot – 9
  • Push Square – 10
  • Destructoid – 10
  • Eurogamer – Recommended
  • Game Informer- 9.75
  • Easy Allies – 10
  • Twinfinite – 8
  • The Sixth Axis – 8
  • Dualshockers – 10

Most of the reviews have praised the new direction of the game. The last game in the series, God of War Ascension, was cited as having the same repetitive combat and mission design so the new reboot is definitely working well for the series. The focus on a strong narrative and story helps establish this entry from the other games and also bring in new fans that can enjoy a nice action game featuring the fan favorite Kratos.

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God of War PS4 was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios. It is directed by Cory Barlog, who has previously worked on God of War 2. The game aims to be a reboot for the series by keeping the same protagonist but changing the whole gameplay mechanics.

God of War will launch exclusively on the PS4 on April 20th. If you are looking for our review, you have to wait for a while since we don’t have an early access to the review copy.

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