God Of War PS4 Gets Another Patch 1.10 Before Launch, Patch Notes Detailed

God of War is out tomorrow on the PS4 and ahead of the release, some folks have managed to get an early copy of the game. If you have pre-ordered the digital version of the game from the PlayStation Store, you should be able to pre-load the game ahead of its launch but if you haven’t pre-ordered it, you can check out its download size requirements from here as the pre-load is live now on the PS4.

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As for the day one patch for God of War, it is included in the pre-load but in case you have a retail disc, you will be required to download approximately 7.4 GB of patch data before you can start the game. The first patch was 1.2 GB and this latest update is 6.2 GB. As always, it is best to let the patch be downloaded and ready to go before you can start the game, even though you bypass it with a retail disc.

As for the patch notes for the day 1 update, which patches the game to version 1.10, there doesn’t appear to be much listed from the PS4 dashboard.

  • Showing speaker names in front of subtitles for additional context
  • General economy balance and tuning
  • Enemy difficulty tuning
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

The game went gold last month so it is likely that the developers used the day one patch to fix any minor bug fixes as it is the norm in industry now.

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God of War will release exclusively for the PS4 on April 20th. It is currently the best rated PS4 exclusive of all time. It has also been allowed to be sold in UAE for the first time in series history.

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