God of War ‘PS5 Enhanced Performance’ update promises 60fps & 4K, releases today

Sony and developers SIE Santa Monica Studio have announced that the long awaited God of War ‘PS5 Enhanced Performance’ update will be released later today.

God of War’s PS4 release had two gameplay options with one favoring graphics offering high quality assets while the other performance mode aimed to maintain a constant fps on screen. The God of War PS5 update will improve on the current settings thanks the power of the PS5 allowing players to experience the game for the first time in 60fps at 4K resolution. The update basically allows players to play the game in both visual fidelity and fluidity.

After installing the update PS5 users can also revert back to the original PS4 settings which will have game run at 4k synced at 30fps.

God of War can be played on the PS5 by simply insert the PS4 version of the game in the disc tray if you have the physical disc or access it from the PlayStation Store.

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