PlayStation 4’s God of War to take place in the pre-Viking age

Earlier this E3, Sony’s press conference was rife with video games, starting off with jaw-dropping gameplay footage of the latest upcoming addition to the God of War series. The change in perspective turned heads and sparked interest, as fans began wondering what world God of War was based on this time around. In an interview with GameSpot, director Cory Barlog commented on Kratos, as well as the game’s take on Norse mythology.

To clear the biggest misconception of all, the world of Kratos has not changed. According to Cory Barlog, different countries adopted different mythical beliefs, which then coexisted with each other. Kratos simply traveled from one geographical location to another. Thus, Norse mythology should not defer or surprise players too much.


Another misinterpretation is the idea that Kratos exists in the Viking era. Cory Barlog confirms that this isn’t true, saying that during those times, vikings believed the gods and monsters abandoned them, whereas gameplay footage clearly depicted the world was full of monsters. Therefore, Cory reinstates that the world of God of War takes place in the pre-viking era, where gods and monsters still roam the world.

“A lot of people think Norse, they think viking, but there’s really this amazing prehistory–the migration, and then prior to that, the pre-migration era,” Barlog explained. “In the viking era, they always talked about, ‘The gods have abandoned us.’ Thor and Loki and Odin all walked the Earth at one point, but they’re not around any more. [The vikings] fight for them, but they’re not there. This idea that we’re at is saying, ‘We’re at a prehisory point, where gods did walk the Earth, when monsters were real, before they became extinct.”

Cory also comments upon how Kratos might have a different perspective on life, being given a second chance with a son. However, the director did not go into too much detail.


God of War does not yet have a specific release date, however we expect it to be released sometime next year, in 2017.

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