God Of War Patch 1.12 Finally Lets You Increase Text Size

God of War developers seem to be in full support mode for the game after its launch on April 20. They are releasing a new patch every day since its launch and each update is aimed at fixing the issues that are faced by users. The most common issues before launch were text size, aspect ratio issue and minor performance related issues in the high resolution mode on the PS4 Pro, and this seems to have been fixed with all of the updates so far.

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The latest update will patch the game to version 1.12 and if you are one of the unlucky folks to have issues with the extremely small text size, this update will finally let you increase it through a toggle in the options menu as can be seen below. Other than this new change, the patch notes don’t mention much aside from bug fixes and improvements.

One of the issue with the text size was that it was far too small. Even if you play on a 4K screen, the text size can barely be visible and hard to read if you sit a little far away from the TV. Increasing it should help a lot in making the text more presentable to the players.

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God of War was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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