God Of War Gets Another Small Patch 1.13 For PS4

God of War has received yet another update today for the PS4. This time, unlike the last two updates, the changes aren’t mentioned aside from the usual “bug fixes and improvements” that are mentioned in the patch notes accessed from the PS4 dashboard.

This is yet another update for God of War PS4 after its launch. The game has received close to half dozen patches since it has launched on April 20th and while it is great to see the developers supporting the game so far, it would have been far better to roll out these updates in a package once they have something substantial to add to the game.

God Of War's Latest Update Slightly Improves Text Size, Comparison Inside

The latest update that patched the game to version 1.12 and increased the text size for specific menu and UI items. The difference wasn’t really that huge and the other issue with subtitles being smaller still existed so hopefully Sony Santa Monica can work out fixes for the current set of issues and roll out the promised Photo Mode in a major future update.

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God Of War PS4 Frame Rate Improved After New Patch, Runs At 56 FPS Avg On Pro

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4. It was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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