God Of War Patch 1.16 Is Live On PS4

Sony Santa Monica has released yet another update for God of War PS4 today. There have been multiple updates released for the game so far starting with its launch on April 20th. There have been a grand total of 6 updates all of which seem to be rather minor in download size and are usually stated as simple bug fixes and improvements.

God of War PS4 is also confirmed to get a Photo Mode in an update that will be released post-launch. This latest patch will update the game to version 1.16 although the patch notes are again ambiguous and don’t mention any changes that can be considered for the update.

God of War also shipped with a major day one patch that required you to download around 7.2 GB of data if you had bought the game at retail. This patch seemed to fix bugs and made some changes to the economy while it was also cofirmed to improve the overall performance for the game.

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As for update 1.16, there are currently no official patch notes available for it but the update is listed as ‘various bug fixes and improvements’ on the PS4. The download size is less than 50 MB so it is yet another small update for God of War.

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God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4. The game was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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