God of War Update Version 1.21 Is Live; Here’s What It Does

Sony Santa Monica Studio has released the photo mode update for God of War PS4. They originally announced that God of War will get patch verison 1.20 but the actual update that is live today is for 1.21 version of the game.

Among the new additions are the Photo Mode feature and tweaks to the game’s text size. Fans were complaining of the small text size since the launch of the game so the new update now makes it easier for those who have a small screen to more easily see the text now.

The download size for this update is around 450 MB and it is currently available to download now on the PS4. The following are the patch notes for this latest update.

God Of War PS4 Pre vs. Post Patch Text Size Comparison For Subtitles, Menu And UI

Version 1.20:

  • Added photo mode, enjoy and share!
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.21

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Some of the changes that are being mentioned by the users include access to the final weapon upgrades before finishing the game. Previously, you weren’t able to purchase the last upgrades for you weapons until you finished the game while it is possible to do so now.

God of War PS4 Update Version 1.20 Finally Adds Photo Mode

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4. The game was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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