God Of War’s Latest Update Slightly Improves Text Size, Comparison Inside

God of War players might be facing some issues with the tiny text size if they are playing the game on a smaller screen. Sony Santa Monica Studio has recently rolled out an update in order to increase the text size however the update doesn’t seem to reflect the change for most of the game and it is instead limited to a small amount of menu and UI options.

The following comparison between the two text sizes can be seen below, courtesy of resetERA. As you can see in this text size, the update was a rather quick fix and doesn’t seem to do much in fixing it.

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Sony Santa Monica Studio has confirmed on Twitter that it is a mostly a limited change for now although they are still working out on fixing it. Expect to get more updates later to finally fix this issue for good.

The most issue that I had with the game was the lore text being too small or the subtitles being a little hard to read. If they can get it fixed in a proper way, that would help a lot in reading some of the fantastic lore available in the game.

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