God of War 3 PS3 vs. PS4 Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison: No Visible Difference Beside Resolution

God of War 3 Remastered will be officially released on the PS4 on July 14th. It is being termed as a HD Remaster to the original God of War 3, which ran at a sub-HD resolution and with an unlocked frame rate on the PS3. Considering the fact that the game is a few years old now, it is interesting to see how Sony Santa Monica has handled this remaster for the PS4.

Right from the get go, it is rather disappointing to see that the most noticeable difference is the resolution and the smooth frame rate. While this might be good for those who are playing God of War 3 for the first time around, it doesn’t really give any incentive to those who had already played the game on their PS3. Putting this aside, is there any substantial graphics difference between both versions of the game? The gallery below compares screenshots from both versions of the game, and it is easy to say that the difference isn’t any significant here.

[twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (6) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (6-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (5) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (5-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (4) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (4-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (1) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (1-2)[/twentytwenty]

Click on each image in the gallery below and open in a new window to view them in full HD resolution.

The first thing that we see here that despite being quite a few years old, the game still holds well for today’s standards. There are some low-resolution textures that still stand out, but generally it holds up really well. The PS4 version has also received a texture boost for some of the in-game textures but it is hard to spot the difference even when both versions are compared side by side, which generally speaks for the quality of the PS3 version, and how well it still holds today.

There is also a missing opportunity here where some of the lower quality special effects have remained intact e.g fire. They could have received a visual overhaul for the remaster, since they look dated now. The game also utilizes the same quality motion blur for both versions of the game, with the PS4 version looking slightly better due to its resolution.

In conclusion, and judging from the screenshot comparison, it is clear that there hasn’t been much work done for the Remaster. Perhaps majority of the work was done on porting the engine from the Cell Processor of PS3 to the x86 architecture of the PS4, which could explain the lack of noticeable improvements. While the game runs well and the port looks like a pretty good job, the lack of graphical upgrades give next to no incentive for those who had already played the game, to buy it again on the PS4, especially since it costs $40 for a new copy.

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