God of War 3 Remastered PS3 vs. PS4 Screenshot Comparison

God of War 3 Remastered was announced at the on-going 10th Anniversary event of the series and Sony has shared some screenshots from the game, revealing a Photo Mode as well as showing the 1080p resolution upgrade over the 720p resolution of the PS3 version.

Since the PS3 version has been out for years, we decided to see how well it compares to the re-release on the PS4, and the results are disappointing to say the least. The original was already a great looking game that still holds well over all these years, but the remaster isn’t really doing much beside a simple resolution upgrade and the addition of 60 fps + photo mode.

You can check out the comparison below.

[twentytwenty]god-of-war-ps4-1 god-of-war-ps3-1[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]god-of-war-ps4-2 god-of-war-ps3-2[/twentytwenty]

Direct-feed screenshots comparison can be seen below. Click on each image to open it in full resolution.

God of War Remastered will be released on the PS4 on July 14th, 2015 and will retail for $39.99.

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