God of War Creator David Jaffe Calls The New Game “Ambitious,” Says He Is “Eager To Play It”

God of War originally started under the direction of David Scott Jaffe and as such, he is usually considered the creator of the series. Jaffe worked on God of War along with Twisted Metal, both of whom are the projects that he is well known for. Currently he is working on his own game Drawn to Death for the PS4, which is a multiplayer shooter featuring a unique art style.

David Scott Jaffe was recently asked by fans to comment on the reveal of the new God of War, which appears to be a massive departure from the previous games, featuring over the shoulder camera and focusing on the relation between Kratos and his Son. The new game is also set in Norse Mythology, which is different from the Greek mythology seen in the original trilogy.

Lots asking what I think about new GOD OF WAR. A- love the open world B- graphix amazing (duh!:) C-Ambitious changes and ANY time a game has the courage to grow and try new things I’m interested! D-From what I gather they are going for a somber, serious tone. May NOT be accurate read but I’m just going off E3 demo. But for me, I would hope that hope the somber tone isn’t so pervasive that it squashes the high adventure feel I love about the series. So overall am excited and proud and eager to play it!

God of War PS4 development is being headed by Cory Barlog, who was the director of the critically acclaimed God of War 2. It was recently revealed at Sony’s E3 2016 conference and currently targeting a 2017 release.

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