God Of War Director Praises The Order: 1886 Visuals, Jokes About Getting Depressed By Them

Cory Barlog, who directed God of War 2 and is currently working on a new unannounced game for the PS4 recently talked about the latest demo of The Order: 1886.

We already know that The Order: 1886 will get a brand new gameplay demo at the upcoming PlayStation Experience. It is also confirmed that this demo will be the latest build of the game. So if you wanted to know how good the graphics looked like in the final build, you might get an idea of it from the impressions of Cory Barlog, who himself created one of the best looking game of his time.

In a recent tweet, he praised the visuals of The Order: 1886, saying that they made him depressed like Hideo Kojima, who in turn was depressed to see how good Grand Theft Auto V was as an open world game, and that he may never match their level.

He then clarified that he was talking purely about the visuals and praised the graphical effects of The Order: 1886.

I only really got partake in the visuals – the facial animation, camera optics, lighting and modeling melted my neocortex.

The Order: 1886 is scheduled for a release early next year. It is being developed by Ready at Dawn, who are debuting for the first time on a console.

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