God of War PS4 Can Take 25 To 35 Hours To Complete, Says Game Director

God of War PS4 has been confirmed to release in early 2018 and there is already a leak for the supposed release date for the game. Recently the game director, Cory Barlog, talked about some aspects of the game including its final playtime in an interview during a PlayStation Experience 2017 panel.

God of War games are usually long but there has rarely been a game in the series that can hit over 20 hours for the first time ending it, so it is surprising to hear from the game director that God of War PS4 will take somewhere between 25 to 35 hours to complete.

“We are in final phases right now. Doing a lot of playtesting, Over the last four or five playtests, we’ve been clocking the total gameplay time is somewhere in the arena of 25 to 35 hours. So accidentally made it a lot bigger.”

“One of the original things I was talking to people about was treating the game like a tour bus. You’re in this massive world and we’re rewarding the player for being curious. You can pull the string to get off the tour bus and you can kind look around, but the bus is always a few steps away, no matter what you do,” concluded Cory Barlog.

God of War PS4 is officially set to launch in early 2018 exclusively for the PS4.

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