God of War PS4 Development Team Is 3x God of War 2, Has 270 Devs Working On It

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica recently joined a live panel interview regarding behind the scenes details for God of War PS4 and it also included some fan questions and answers from the game director Cory Barlog as well as the Studio Head and other creative leads.

From the interview with the developers, we learn that the studio originally approached God of War creator David Jaffe to work on this new reboot for the series but he declined the offer. The mantle was then placed on Cory Barlog who directed God of War 2, to return to Sony Santa Monica and direct this new entry in the series.

During the live panel, Cory talked about the development team of God of War PS4 sharing the total number of developers that are currently working on it. He compared the size of the God of War PS4 team to the development team of God of War 2 on the PS2 saying that it is 3x bigger now. He also revealed a behind the scenes video that showed the mocap session for God of War PS4 featuring Kratos and his Son.

Cory Barlog was hesitant in term of revealing the Gods that will be featured in the game when he was asked about the inclusion of Loki and other Norse Mythology. He also talked about the idea behind the Axe and how it came later in production. They wanted to rebuild the game from scratch so they ditched the Blades of Chaos. Initially it was not possible to throw the Axe but the idea later came from one of the devs to implement this feature.

God of War PS4 is currently confirmed for early 2018. There is no specific release date given for it but you can view the official boxart from here.

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