God of War PS4 Development Being Worked On By Original God of War Team

God of War PS4 was revealed at E3 2016 and the new game in the popular series sees the return of Kratos to the frontline, but this time with his Son. The game is being directed by Cory Barlog, who also directed God of War 2.

In an interview with Rooster Teeth at E3 2016, Cory Barlog gave some interesting answers regarding the development and design of the game.

As confirmed earlier, this game will continue the story of Kratos after the events of God of War 3, who is now cursed to walk throughout Earth. During his journey, he enters the Scandinavian region and this is why the game is set in Norse Mythology. We will learn more about what happened to him after the events in God of War 3, and about his Son and Wife, as the game is close to completion, but Barlog mentions that the mother of Kratos’s child plays a critical part in the story of the game.


Barlog has also brought back majority of the development staff that worked on the original God of War for this new game. While the over-the-shoulder camera might detract some of the loyal fans, Barlog has stressed that the game will still feature fights with up to 10-15 enemies on screen. Kratos will be able to gain powers through upgrades, just like it was the case with the previous God of War games.

If you were hoping to see a branching story or moral choices, there won’t be any such thing in the game, as confirmed by Cory Barlog. Kratos will be able to visit one of the 9 realms of the Norse Mythology although it hasn’t been confirmed which realm ends up in the final game.

If you were wondering why this new God of War is not called God of War 4, you can read the statement by Barlog where he explains the reason behind dropping the ‘4’ from the title.

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