God of War PS4 Devs Will Detail The Shift From Linear To More Explore-Able Game At GDC 2018

God of War PS4 will be out in early 2018. The game has been currently in development at Sony Santa Monica Studio but this doesn’t mean the developers can’t talk about their presentations at GDC 2018. The Games Developer Conference is an event each year that is usually held in March and 2018 is no exception with the conference taking place starting March 19th.

Sony Santa Monica Studios’ Lead Level Designer, Rob Davis will conduct a presentation on Reimagining Level Design for ‘God of War’ at GDC 2018. The description of this presentation can be seen below, while you can get more details on the official GDC 2018 website.

When the team set to reimagine ‘God of War’, the game’s core pillars transitioned away from: “combat, platforming and puzzles” to “reimagined combat, narrative and exploration”. In the process, every step, revealed new level design questions. How do you shift away from linear levels into a more explore-able game? How will the new camera, combat and mechanics affect layouts? How will the change to Norse Mythology affect the world’s design? And most crucially, how will all of this work with Kratos’ son, Atreus? This talk details the process of breaking the rules from the previous ‘God of War’ games and creating a new set of level design rules.

God of War PS4 will be out in early 2018 however a leaked date points towards March 22nd release, which is a month that has historically been reserved for the series. Sony hasn’t officially announced a date for the game yet, so hopefully we can get a confirmation about it soon enough.

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