God of War PS4 Director Explains Why It Is Not Called ‘God of War 4’

God of War is finally making its way to the PS4 with a brand new entry in the series that seems to continue the story of Kratos. If the stage demo of God of War PS4 was any indication, there appears to be major shift in the direction of the game with switching from Greek to Norse mythology, and changing the camera view from a fixed viewpoint to a much closer over-the-shoulder third person camera system.

God of War PS4 director Cory Barlog was interviewed recently by Venture Beat, who asked him the reason behind the missing ‘4’ in the new God of War, even though it still continues the story of the game after the events of God of War 3.

The decision not to put a 4 at the end was deliberate. The seven games we did in the Greek era—marking the eras of God of War and the mythologies we’re exploring, Kratos moving to the Norse era is a kind of B.C. to A.D. changeover. It almost resets the clock. Both Kratos and the team are kind of refreshing and re-imagining, cleaning the slate. Kratos is our through line, our constant through all of it, but otherwise we’re starting from scratch. A number would take away from that. It would seem like just another sequel.


As explained by Cory Barlog, the game sees a completely different Kratos who is trying to suppress his rage while being a stranger in a completely new land. It will be interesting to see how the developers approach this new setting with Kratos and his Son, and if they can still manage to showcase the same visual spectacle and epic boss fights that the series is known for in the past.

God of War PS4 is being developed by Sony Santa Monica studios. There is no release year given for it yet. Judging from its name, there is a good chance that we might get a subtitle for it once it is officially announced with a date to avoid the confusion with the original God of War series.

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