God of War PS4 Gets Huge Wall Art Ahead of E3, Release Date Announcement Soon?

Sony is working on a giant wall art for God of War outside the convention center for E3 in Los Angeles. Last time this happened with Horizon Zero Dawn, they announced a release date for the game at their E3 conference. Is it possible that God of War PS4 also gets a release date announced at E3?

God of War PS4 is one of the most anticipated game currently announced for the platform. It is being directed by Cory Barloy, who also worked on the critically acclaimed God of War 2. This is a brand new direction for the series, essentially a reboot with the same old Kratos, who has now grown old and has a different design. He also seems to have a son who is going to be a key part of the story as seen in the reveal trailer at E3.

God of War for PS4 is being developed by Sony Santa Monica under the direction of Cory Barlog. The game also revamps the gameplay mechanics and changes the camera perspective from fixed camera to over the shoulder third person camera. The action has also changed and it remains to be seen if the game still has the same old crazy boss battles or they have been swapped for something different. In any case, it remains one of the most anticipated game for PS4.

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