God of War PS4 Release Date Potentially Leaked By Official PlayStation Store

God of War PS4 is the next major game in the franchise that is not necessarily a sequel to the past God of War games, but it is also a reboot for the series. The game features the same old Kratos but in a completely new setting along with his Son. Together, they will journey through a world full of Norse Mythology, which is an attempt to differentiate this sequel from the rest of the trilogy.

Recently the official Chile PlayStation Store might have leaked the release date for God of War PS4. The release date was listed as March 22nd, 2018 on the PlayStation Store page for the game, which also coincides with the past God of War game launches. The release date also fits within the early 2018 release window for the game.

God of War PS4 not only ditch its greek mythology setting, it has also completely revamped the series traditional gameplay in favor of a more up, close and personal combat approach.

God of War PS4 is being directed by Cory Barlog, the acclaimed director of God of War 2. He has returned to the developer Sony Santa Monica Studio to start work on this new God of War. It should be interesting to see where he takes the series since most consider God of War 2 the best entry in the series.

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