Good Guy Sony: MLB 14: The Show ‘Day 1 Digital’ Users Offered With An Apology And Free Cash

Earlier this week, MLB 14: The Show faced a lot of controversy when users who pre-ordered the game digitally to avail the ‘Day 1 Digital’ program were unable to do so due to some technical reasons. This angered a lot of these users and some even asked for refund, and were given one.

Of course, those who were patient enough to deal with this delay were issued an apology from Sony and were given about $5 in PSN cash and $5 in MLB 14: The Show in-game currency to spend on items. This is a very kind gesture from Sony, who also issued an apology over this delay on twitter, and in an update on the official PS Blog.


MLB 14: The Show is the latest entry in the popular baseball series on the PlayStation platform. It has been released on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita last month, and the PlayStation 4 release arrived earlier this week. The game is cross-save compatible on each platform, meaning you can carry your save from one platform to the other with ease.

Are you one of the affected users? Did you get an apology in email? Let us know in the comments below.

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