God of War 2 Director’s Project Won’t Be At E3: “Might Be A Bit” Early For Reveal, “Crazy Busy” On It

Cory Barlog was the director of God of War 2 and he was recently hired again by Sony Santa Monica, and is supposedly working on an unannounced project at the moment. Although we don’t really know the nature of his project, all signs point to it being a new entry in the God of War series. If you had any hope of seeing this project at E3, you might be disappointed to know that it is still a little too early to reveal anything about this project, as confirmed by the director.

When one user talked about how he can’t wait for God of War 4 and wants it to be awesome, Cory replied: “me too!”


While there is no official confirmation about a God of War 4, Cory’s comment definitely points toward him working on a God of War. He further talked about his “super secret awesome sauce” project and confirmed that it won’t be revealed at E3.

nothing this e3 for my super secret awesome sauce, sorry. Might be a bit b 4 anything to show.

He then further teases their work and stated that they are too busy trying to find “awesome,” presumably referring to his project earlier that he called the same.

geeks freaking rule! Wish I had more to share but all I can say is everyone is crazy busy finding the awesome.

He also states his excitement over hearing the sales success of PS4 in a company meeting, and talks about how he can’t wait to get his game out on the PS4.

At a company meeting hearing about how we are kicking the one in the booty. Nice! Ps4 is doing awesome and I can’t wait to get a game out!

While there might not be a God of War coming on the PS4 anytime soon, rumors around the internet point to a remastered release of God of War: Ascension on the PS4, that is likely going to get revealed at this year’s E3. In either case, it will be a while before we hear any details about the “super secret” project being worked on by Cory Barlog.

Are you excited for Sony Santa Monica’s latest project on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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