GOW PS4 Director Confirms Cancelled Project Teaser In GOWA, Performance Mode For PS4 Pro

God of War director Cory Barlog has confirmed that the game supports a performance mode exclusively for the PS4 Pro. He also has finally put to rest the mysterious teaser which was speculated to be a new game from the God of War team back when God of War Ascension finished its production.

In a set of tweets, Cory Barlog was kind enough to answer a lot of the questions by fans, even going so far to clarify them in case of confusion over his tweets.

First of all, many fans might remember a teaser in God of War Ascension that was speculated to be for a new game by Sony Santa Monica Studios. Cory confirmed that this was the game that was cancelled later. There has never been any official details revealed for this project so this is likely going to be the only confirmation of it.

Later, the director confirmed that God of War PS4 will support a performance mode that will toggle when the game runs at 1080p mode on the PS4 Pro. The wording here implies that the performance mode is linked to the resolution that is selected by the PS4 Pro, so if you are running PS4 Pro at 1080p, you will get the performance mode, if you have supersampling enabled, you will get the resolution mode that will super sample down from 4K.

God of War PS4 is set to launch on April 20 exclusively for the console. It will also support the PS4 Pro with improved resolution and performance mode. The game was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios under the direction of Cory Barlog.

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