Gran Turismo Sport Demo Is Up On PSN; Download Links For EU And US Inside

Gran Turismo Sport is getting a demo before release that will be available to play starting October 9th. The demo can be downloaded ahead of the launch so make sure you can grab it so you will be able to play it once it unlocks. The download size of the demo has also been confirmed to be around 43 GB on PS4. There will be support for PS4 Pro as well as PS VR but the latter is only for the final game.

If you are interested in grabbing the demo, you can check out the download links for it for the PS4. The links are given according to the store listing so only get it from your required region.

Gran Turismo Sport Download Link (US)

Gran Turismo Sport Download Link (EU)

Gran Turismo Sport is the first racing game from Polyphony Digital that is launching this year for the PS4. The series has always enjoyed popularity among the fans although it started to lose some of it with the release of Gran Turismo 6 which launched at the end of the PS3 life cycle. The sales dropped a while and the fans had to wait for more than 3 years after the launch of the last game to see the release of Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport will release on October 17th exclusively for the PS4. It is developed by Polyphony Digital and will be published by Soy Interactive Entertainment.

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